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    May 26, 2011
    North Carolina
    Hi everyone, I'm more of a chicken person and have only chickens. But my friend offered me a deal of 40 dollars for a pair of his golden pheasants. My questions are as follows....

    Can they be tamed like chickens?

    Are they loud? Like roosters?

    Are they hard to take care of?

    Are they exspensive to tend for?

    Thanks, sorry if these are stupid questions. Just thought his were beautiful and he just hatched out a bunch.
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    Nov 11, 2010
    Scarlett456: your question arent stupid everyone needs to learn
    1. Golden pheasant can be tamed but usually only from chicks and that is rare my pair of red goldens are tame from me being with them every day and them being handle from chicks but they will never be as friendly as a chicken my dont mind me getting about 1 foot from them and rarely touching them but nothing like a chicken.
    2. The only time they are "loud" is when it is breeding and courting season and they let out a series of screams and chirps which each of these sessions can last up to 3 minutes with a few screams and chirps during this period but other than that which isnt really loud they are not loud at all period.
    3. No golden pheasants are not hard to take care of at all they shouldnt be housed with chickens or in close quaters near chickens they do need to be fed grass greens or fruit but this is not need just a treat and mine love bugs especially crickets from the bait store and they need to be fed something other than pure cracked corn and need a spacious cage for 1 pair probably a 5x10 at least.
    4. No golden pheasants are not expensive to care for other than you buying the birds themselves and their food.
    5. And you are welcome and if i were you id get them if you can mainly give them the proper housing. Oh and make sure they are unrelated and if they are try and get some that arnt.
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    Quote:Goldens are often the first species of pheasants a person interested in pheasant aviculture acquires and are perfectly suited for beginners.

    Quote:Varies. If reared from chicks, yes. If you can spend a lot of time with them, offering treats, possibly. However, they are wild animals and will always have an unpredictable side, so you may have a tame bird or a one that would rather slam his head off the top of the aviary when he sees a human.

    Quote:The males will "scream", more like high-pitched screech during the breeding season (spring/early summer), but it is not as loud as a rooster and certainly not at all as annoying as a dog barking!! - Funny how so many people that complain about how "noisy" birds are the ones that have a dog that barks ALL night long!!!!

    Quote:Not at all. Provide a natural aviary and proper diet and you'll be fine.

    Quote:Depends on what feed you purchase!! [​IMG]

    More on Goldens: http://www.gbwf.org/pheasants/golden.html

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    May 26, 2011
    North Carolina
    Thanks you guys!! I really appreciate the help! I need to do a few things before I'm ready for them, but I'm getting ready. Thanks again'
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    First of all, your photos on your BYC page are excellent. You certainly have some beautiful birds. I don't have much more to add the previous posts have pretty much given you some excellent advice. I think you will really enjoy raising Goldens and the price seems to be right too. I am a little confused that you stated that the person who has these birds are hatching chicks now. Don't know where you live but the laying season for pheasants are usually from late March until Mid May. I have close to 100 pheasants and have been raising them for most 20 years and have never had a bird lay in December. Anyway, Goldens are fun birds to raise. I have several that will jump on my lap when I neal down in the pens. They don't take much to being petted like chickens but can become fairly tame. Try to keep your commercial feed at atleast 18 percent protein. Most feed stores sell game bird feed. You can also feed a little chicken scratch (as a treat) but mainly stick to the game bird feed. Keep them away from your other fowl. Chickens, Ducks, Turkeys carry diseases that are immune to those birds but deadly to game birds. You have a lot of folks on this site who will give you some good advice. Good Luck
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