Golden Sebright Trio - 24wks

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    Mar 10, 2011
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    These three are 24wks old. I got them from TSC (hatchery unknown). I know Sparkle has incorrect coloring, but her lacing is crisp and I thought maybe with Party Popper, they'd give some nice babies. Honestly though, I am selling them as pretty yard ornaments. The girls are not laying yet, but the OEGB pullet I got with them has started and they should be starting soon. None are overly friendly, but none, especially Party Popper is mean, either. Party Popper is currently in the bachelor pad pending a date with the processor (he does get out with the girls about once a week). The girls are free ranging and in with the other 75 girls (and dozen or so younger boys).



    Party Popper:

    Paypal only auction! Send payment to: [email protected]
    I live near Unityville, PA 17774.

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