Golden sex link or another breed and girl or boy??


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Oct 3, 2012
I got three golden sex links from a semi local farm and 2 look alike but one is not only is starting to look like a rooster, her/his feathers are different. Is this a sex link or something else. Also, because of the comb, is it a girl or boy?? I'm worried already because one of my barred rocks is also looking like a roo! I fear I am going from 6 chicks to 4 :(

Side profile


Here she is the one looking up at the camera, just darker than the other two.

Her back, much darker and feathers have a pattern on them.

Up close, male or female???

If it's really a first generation sex link then it's female. You need to find out from the place you got them what cross they used to make their sex links.If it's a red rooster over a silver hen, then you're good and your chick is female. If they say they're breeding male sex links to female sex links, then what you have aren't really sex links as either gender can be any color and all bets are off.

It doesn't seem more masculine than the other birds but it's really too early to tell.

And I agree, that lighter barred rock sure looks like a roo!
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Thanks so much, I may call and ask them what they did. Yep my lighter barred rock has a big ol comb and he is just bigger. Sad too, he's so sweet and my daughter loves him.
The cockerels are always the sweet, friendly, outgoing favorite chicks! Then the hormones hit and they can get pretty nasty...........
Hrm, do you have any baby photos of this bird? I'm actually thinking they slipped you a production red.
Here are some from when they were about one week old, she's the closest to the camera here.

back view here

Thanks for all the input:)

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