Golden sexlink markings?


Dec 21, 2017
Is it normal for golden sex link pullets to have dark markings like this one? Her sister also has a tiny bit of dark peeking from top of her head.
It's gold based so it is quite possible to be a gold sex link pullet of some type.
Agree it is not the typical markings of a sex link that most hatcheries produce so if its a hatchery or feed store chick it is more likely a mislabeled chick.
These little babies are now all dark red and black so i beleive they are a production red mix of some kind.. My only worry with them now is that one is WAY larger then the other. Comb size and color are about the same though, they eat the same, play and sleep just about the same. Is it possible to just have a really big pullet? My other one is not small for her age in my opinion she is the normal one compared to the bigger one.

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