GONE...Bantams FREE to good home in Southwest VA/Northeast TN,

Camelot Farms

10 Years
Jun 5, 2009
VA,TN,NC Tri-State area
This little pair needs a new home. We were gifted them and at this time need to make some room in our coop.

They are adorable little banties. She has some feather loss on her breast and she has no toes so can never perch. Apparently they froze at her other home and she lost them to frost bite so she walks around on her little nubs. We keep them in deep shavings so she can burrow down in for warmth.

He is a great little guy with lots of personality. We call him PopEye because he thinks he is 'all that' and threatens our big rooster from the safety of his cage. And of course, who could have PopEye without Olive.

They have been with us for about 3 months and Olive has produced only a handful of eggs...maybe 6 in all of that time. So, they shouldnt be counted on as flock producers...just pets.

If you can give them a good home, please post!



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