GONE- Buff orpington rooster FREE


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Jul 7, 2007
Middle TN
FREE! If you can meet in Murfreesboro, otherwise $10 for travel.

The Good:
- He's huge! People look at him and are amazed at his girth and height. I haven't weighed or measured him because I'm lazy, but he's one strappin' lad!
-Cheeto is a great flock protector. I have seen him protect his women from both cats and hawks. He notices such things long before I ever do. He is really great at keeping his women together and safe. He also rocks at finding bugs and yummy stuff.
- Cheeto is a baby making machine! He loves his women, he does. If you want a new babydaddy for your hens, then Cheeto is the guy for you!

The Bad:
- Welllll... Cheeto is a bit cranky. He's cranky with me anyway, but it is very likely that I ruined him when he was little by loving all over him. Darn adolescence. On the plus side, he is intimidated by bamboo sticks, so as long as you have one handy you are good to go.
- He's hatchery stock. That could be good or bad. You choose.
- He needs more women than I can give him. My pitiful few are getting torn up by his amorous attentions. Perhaps you have more hens and are just looking for a Romeo...

The Indifferent Details:
-Cheeto is about 16 months old.
- He's a rooster (duh). He does have a great crow actually. It's nice and deep. I like his crow better than any of my other guys. It's pretty soothing in a roostery sort of way.
- I'd love him to go somewhere for breeding purposes, but if you want to eat him just don't tell me about it. I'll envision him living out his days in a lovely pastoral setting and be happy about it.
- If you want a matched set, I can sell you one of my buff hens as well, but I warn you, they are pretty torn up and haven't molted yet. They look horrible! You'll want more than the one hen for sure.


PM me if you are interested.
(And please, please, puhhhleeeeezzzeeee somebody be interested. I've got 8 roosters out there right now and have GOT to get rid of some of them. Five of the 8 were crowing this morning. My neighbors are really tolerant, but this crosses the line!)
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Oops! He's long gone to his new home. I thought all the old posts had been closed under the new auction system. I'm sorry.

I do have a couple of splash ameraucana roos for sale if you are interested.

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