*Gone-Found Home* Ugly Unique Mixed Cockerels, Silkie Mixes and others

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    ***Gone now, found a new happy home...Thanks for looking!***

    My silly broody girls keep hatching out roos, and I have way too many now. I have 7 roos (4-5 months old) that need new homes, and most are mixed breeds with "interesting" characteristics. The 4 Silkie mixes are goofy-looking with some, but not all, Silkie traits (poofy heads, feathered legs, extra toes, walnut combs).

    They are happy healthy boys that are FREE to a good home. I live near Houston, but travel to Dallas and Austin very often and can bring them with me. PM me with any questions.

    Roo Details:

    1 Silkie mix, White with some Red and Black
    2 Silkie x RIR mixes, Red
    1 Silkie mix, Black/White barred, with lots of Red/Orange leakage
    1 Unknown mix, White and Black, Columbian similar to Light Brahma
    1 Unknown mix (RIR?), Reddish Orange
    1 Light Brahma, from Ideal, was supposed to be a Pullet but it turned out a roo
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