Gone!! Thanks! Free to good home, 5 duck eggs!!


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11 Years
Sep 14, 2008
Adair Co., KY
Hi there! My younger girls have started to lay, and haven't figured out how to hide their eggs real well just yet

So I have 5 (so far) eggs that are up for grabs to anyone that wants them. Just pay shipping to your zip and they're yours!!

There are 2 from either a rouen or cayuga, my cayugas don't lay dark eggs so I don't know which girl this egg is from. And there are 3 from a pekin duck. The girls 'hang out' with a young pekin drake, but I have cayugas and rouens drakes as well. I know the eggs are fertile, my son cracked one yesterday and it had a big bullseye!!

PM me with your zip, and post sold so I can get these out tomorrow. If I find any others before shipping, I'll include those as well. Thanks!!

I have no bator space for ducks, I am focusing on my quail right now

ETA: 2 of the 5 eggs are a bit older, but should still be good. But 3 of them (2 pekin, 1 rouen or cayuga) are from the past couple of days, so they are very fresh.
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