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  1. hayden10

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    Mar 9, 2012
    My 10 year old has finally broke me down, we have been on-line doing our research about coops and chix's, we will get 2 and I will attempt to build my own coop.. my question is, since I'm a sigle parent with no friends that live near by, what do I do if I wanna go on vacation? how long can I leave them with out closing the coop?, I'm sure I can build a feeder and water source that will last a week, but what happens if the door isn't closed? or the eggs aren't removed?
    thanks for any help
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    Feb 8, 2012
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    If you leave the door open you will most likely encounter predators/thief's passing by. I you leave them eggs in there they will probably sit on them (If broody)
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    they make automatic doors a little too pricey for me but there are plenty of links to make one yourself. Maybe you can find somebody you know to check on them or if someone has chickens maybe ya'll could take turns watching each others chickens when your out of town.
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    May 2, 2011
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    If you incorporate a run in your design for your coop, you will have more ability to go longer periods away from home. I have my flock (10 standard, 3 seabright bantams, and 2 ducks) in a large (aprox 30' x 40') enclosed "yard" that I have poultry netting over the top of. My coop is a three sided one so one open side. Ther coop has a ladder type roosting area made from branches, and a raised enclosure used for nesting. Under the nesting "coop" the chickens do their dust bathing. I have a gate to get into their yard. The chickens move around freely and are not in danger form any predators ... although they still huddle under the pine tree that is in there when an eagle flys overhead. My biggest issue with predators are the ferral cats around me that like to climb up their enclosure and try to get in ... no luck in two years. The yard is decimated from anything growing so very muddy in the spring/winter when we get all our rain. I have my kids bring them clumps of grasses from our yard (not a lawn just what ever naturally grows in it ... so various types of grasses and weeds) every morning when they collect eggs and check the waterers.
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    I actually have a pet sitter who takes care of mine. I use them for my dog and asked them if they would not mind letting the chickens out in the morning when they walked the dog and close them up at night when they walk the dog again. My pet sitter was very happy to accomadate my request and do not charge me anything extra, and I even have a big nasty roo :)

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