Gonna have to clip thier little Flappers. **


Oct 30, 2009
Twin Lakes, Iowa (Manson)
Guess Im gonna have to clip thier wings... Let them out of their pen this morning and before I could even get the door completely open , 3 of my 4 calls took off in flight.. Up and over our 7 ' fence, and because of our building blocking my view I could not tell for sure where they went.. so at 6:30 am my DH and I were out in the tall grass and bush lookin for them ... UGGGHHHHHHHH I went back to the pen after about a half hour of searching to check on Sweet Pea who cant fly very well and was laying her egg and I could hear them talk. talk. talk talking... they were still outside the chain link fence looking at their pen trying to get in. They would only pace about 2 ft back and forth wondering how they were gonna get back in... so I had to crawl thru the big thick dogwoods that line the fence and the DH pulled the fence out just enough to get their little fuzzie butts back in... wheeeewwwwww. So much for doing my hair this morning and making me LATE for work..... Tommorrow morning they get a snip snip.......didnt wanna but???!!!!! if I dont they cant free range..


Feb 7, 2010
South East Kansas
I had that problem last year but this year i decided to let them have there flight feathers because of all the predators around here. plus i enjoy watching them fly around.
Jan 14, 2010
Quote:Me too, about the beautiful aviation factor of leaving their precious limbs intact. At least for now. Can't deny the beauty of Scovy ducks charging past your head!
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