Gonna take the chics on vacation!

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  1. We are going to take our 5, 9 week old chics up to our vacation/rehab/foreclosure home soon. The house is north of the Wisconsin Dells. We have the 30"x48" coop, and they will have a 1/2 acre to roam on. On the way back, we have a nice big, dog cage we bought at a garage sale.

    We live in a suburb, and I cannot see keeping these cooped up for 3 full days while we are gone. They are old enough (I believe) to handle a 3 hour drive, and bed down in the old brooder.

    I will post pics soon....
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    OMG !! ROFLMBO !!! [​IMG]

    My husband today accused me of being obsessed by our 4 ten day old babies. I can share your vacation story with him and let him know what true obsession is !!!

    OK, I admit, I'm obsessed, too. (How can you not be when such sweeties enter your life?) I wonder where mine might want to go for vacation? Will yours come home with trinkets? Oooh, oooh, maybe someone will start a chicken summer camp...??

    Have a wonderful trip...
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    my babies have gone to camp with us on numerous occasions. We have a lake house about 35 minutes away and I used to bring them along when we went for the weekend. now they're 10 weeks old and I have my parents watch them for us, but they did fine in the car and seemed to enjoy their mini vacations as much as we did![​IMG]
  4. Bangor, I decided last night to take our 2 bantys with us up to Rangeley Lake for the week. One is unable to walk, and this was our only solution, other than ending her days.....so she and her BFF are coming along. My inlaws are going to be overjoyed when they see what I take out of the car.[​IMG] [​IMG]
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    I took my four 1 week old babies and Quincy, my special needs chicken to the beach with us back in May. There was no way I could leave them home alone for 3 days. If I could have figured it out, I would have taken the 8 older girls too [​IMG]
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    Don't forget to get them some cute Wisconsin Dells t-shirts too! [​IMG]

    Seriously, take some electrolytes with you for their water during the travel. Travel is stressful for chicks, no matter how cozy you make it.

    And have fun!

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