Good afternoon from new member "Alpacajohn" in Narooma NSW. .


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May 19, 2020
I kept a dozen chickens many years ago. Now I have just just bought two young Isa's to join my two old girls. They have a
Chook Hilton coop, A secure pen a 30ft run. Also a tractor for shifting around onto good grass, they go in that after they have laid their eggs. The template says to mention my status and hobbies ..... married, longtime retired, hobbies .....Scrabble and my vegie patch. Only recently discovered BYC and find it a very good forum filled with good info.

Any advice please on how to make life a little more (read a lot) pleasant for my two new girls ...... they have been chased around aggressively for the two days here by both my long time resident Isa"s . Thanks in anticpation and regards. Be well and stay safe.

John W
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Feb 28, 2020
Australia, QLD
Hi John! Welcome to BYC! Hope you feel at home in our awesome community!
Also, with the chickens, they are all just establishing the new pecking order.:D


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Jan 28, 2018
Gower, Wales
hello John @alpacajohn - welcome to BYC :frow

the chooks will have to sort out their new pecking order I'm afraid. You can help by having clutter around for the pursued to try to lose their pursuer, and making sure there are no dead-ends where the pursued could get trapped by the pursuer. And as much distraction as possible. And multiple feed and water stations so that the dominant cannot keep the lower ranking bird(s) from either. Good luck!

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