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May 30, 2020
We are new to chickens this spring, and they are growing so fast! We've been talking about getting them for years, and this year my husband just came home with them so it was a great surprise for everyone. We have six gorgeous ladies. Cinnamon and Sunny are Rhode Island Reds, Speckles and Coco are Wyandottes, and Grace and Pepper are Americanas. I love how much personality chickens have. They are so sweet and smart, and forever entertaining. We love to be outside throughout the seasons (we live in New Haven, CT so we get to experience all kinds of weather!), and my husband is an architect who also enjoys building stuff - building the coop has been quite the project, but well worth the time and energy. I'm an educator with a nature-based twist, so I can spend all day observing what's happening in nature and be happy. We all love to read and go on bike rides. Our boxer, Diego and cat, Tiko aren't quite sure about the ladies yet. I think they're a bit jelly considering how much attention the girls get...but the're handling it well enough and seem to be more curious than anything. I've been referring to BYC since the chicks came home because unfortunately we lost one of our first girls, Lucy, within the first week. I'm not sure exactly what happened but I was thankful to find BYC with so much information and things to try to hopefully save her. I reference it all the time because I'm so worried about losing another one (why are chickens so darn sensitive???), and I figured I should just become a member and join this incredible community of chicken lovers!

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