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  1. Right now I have all my chickens and chicks together. I have a couple pullets that are about to start laying 4 week old chicks and broilers that are 8 weeks. What can I feed that will benefit all of the chickens?
  2. dacjohns

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    Just making a guess.

    Something non medicated, about 17% to 20% protein content, oyster shells on the side.
  3. bills

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    Jan 4, 2008
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    A bit of a dilemma...

    Usually layers, chicks, and broilers eat different feed. The broilers won't gain as much weight on layer feed. The layers may get too fat on broiler feed. The chicks would probably find any pellets to awkward to swallow yet.

    I suppose you could feed a high protein layer "mash" to all of them, although it is a bit of a compromise. If your not worried about getting your broilers fattened up quickly, or your chicks growing faster, a 18% layer mash should work for all of them. The mash the chicks could swallow still, maybe even a crumble as they get older.
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    I use Purina Flock Raiser which is an all purpose type feed. I keep oyster shell out for my laying hens.
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    Layer has way too much calcium for chicks. I'd feed something like Flock Raiser, unmedicated. It'll work for everybody at about 20% protein. Add oyster shell on the side in a hopper for the hens.
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    Wont the other chickens eat the oyster shells as well?
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    Quote:No, they generally only eat what they need. Even roosters in the same house will bypass the oyster shell.

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