Good avian vet in Plainwell, MI.

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    Plainwell, MI
    I had a major emergency yesterday when my Guineas were attacked by a neighbor's dog. After locking up the dog and calling animal control to pick her up I had to decide what to do with my injured birds.
    One was bitten up pretty bad, another with a floppy leg. I have never had the need to bring my chickens or guineas to a vet. I found one right in town that treat exotics, so I called. The vet said to bring the birds in. She used to raise guineas and was oh so nice. I am so glad I went in. She checked the wounds of the one and cleaned them. Also gave me some solution to wash them out at home. She will be fine. The other bird was found to have a broken leg. The vet gave her a shot to help take down the swelling and said it should heal on it's own.
    Other than the stress of having my birds attacked, this was a great experience. I am so thankful to have a nice vet in town that I know will be willing help me with my birds. I thought I should post this for anyone who is in the area in need.
    The vet office is downtown Plainwell and is called Companion Animal Veterinary Clinic Inc. The vet's name is Nicole Tremain, DVM. The phone number is 269-685-5484.
    They are very reasonably priced too.
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    Sorry about the dog attack.

    It is great to hear that there is a vet locally for you! We have to drive a 1/2 hour to an exotic vet.

    You should check out the Michigan thread [​IMG]
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    Be sure to post it on Jody's vet forum in case there are some chicken or poultry owner out there near your town!

    Kudos to Dr Tremain! [​IMG]

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