Good Day!


7 Years
Oct 25, 2012
Just in the planing stages...moving out of the "rat race" to
40 acres soon and we are going to raise a few chickens. We are
looking forward to learning from the experienced.

My husband and I sat down last night and read some very interesting facts about chickens and eggs. Even our, "What you want to know about chickens and eggs,
but are afraid to ask", questions were answered.

We have loads more to learn and welcome any and all suggestions and information
our new found community can give us. Thanks in advance!

Hi and :welcome

Best of luck with getting chickens!
Don't hesitate to ask any questions you have, no question is too dumb... :lol:

I hope you find all the info you need here, and enjoy the site. :D
Hello from Oregon & welcome to BYC. Post pics when you get everything all set up. You will meet lots of great people full of all kinds of info.

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