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grubbyman 2

10 Years
Sep 24, 2010
I am an old guy new to chickens.
I have raccoons, possums, bobcats, foxes, hawks, feral cats and more to deal with.
The veggie garden is also hard to defend with the deer wanting to eat every night.
Does anyone have an idea of the perfect dog to protect my flock and my garden ?
( not mean, just eager )
I say it's not the dog, but how you train it
Mine are both rescues and have learned tostay away from chickens, though I would never leave them out there alone with them,ever
I have a German Shepherd who is an excellent flock protector. I've worked with him since he was a puppy & he now even understands chicken language - if he hears an alarm call from the flock he races out to determine the threat level. He is also a house dog, so the flock is only free ranging when he is out there with them, but he will lay in the pasture, chickens all around him, constantly scanning the property perimeter for any signs of danger. It is just awesome to see him work.
Well, i have a german shepard/shar pei mix, and i had her 7 years before i got my chickens. So because she didn't grow up on a ranch, she wants to eat them
I say, you should get a puppy, who's breed is to protect things, and then raise it to guard the chickens. Because my dog just won't stop picking on my chickens!!
I've tried to train her a million times, but it doesn't work!! You have to get a dog that doesn't have a nature for killing animals...... particularly chickens. Whatever dog you get, good luck!
Get the breed or dog you like the best. You can get the best breed in the world for guarding but if you don't have a bond with the dog it's not going to work out. Any breed can be trained to do anything, just some breeds take to certain things faster than others. If you have a dog you like you'll spend more time with it building a bond and working on training. That's why when there is a question about best breeds everyone tells you their own is the best. I worked professionally with dogs for 10 years and it was always those dogs with the strongest bond with their owners that were the best dogs, breed didn't matter.
I have a chocolate lab (8 years old) and an aussie/akita mix (10.5 years old) and they were never raised around chickens, though I have had them since they were 5 and 6 weeks old. Just started with chickens in April of this year. I work with them all the time and they know when to "leave it". The Akita mix absolutely LOVES the chickens and is so happy to have a flock to guard.
The lab only ONCE charged towards the chickens when they were about 4 months old. I was standing right near the chickens and I said LEAVE IT. He halted and slowly walked over to the chickens and sniffed them. Never a problem.
I can leave the boys out with the chickens ALONE and the girls just love their protectors. You should see them in action. Great workers! The Sebright HATES the squirrels and raises hell when they eat her yummies.
The Akita hears all the ruckus and comes in to back her up. She knows she has some big body guards.
He keeps out other birds as well as cats that aren't ours (or his). The Lab is just there for additional back up and to clean the chicken poop.

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