Good Eats tempura quail Eggs


11 Years
Feb 21, 2008
Miamisburg (Southwest) Ohio
Tonight for dinner we made tempura fried quail eggs. Used a homemade dipping sauce to go with it. I asked one of our customers how she makes her quail eggs and so we had to try.... Very good! you got to try it! its worth the effort to make them this way. My family enjoyed it including the 18 month old

Tempura batter
1 cup flour
1 egg
ice cold water it has to be real cold just put some ice in a glass with some water stir till cold. Mix egg and flour and pour in water till batter thickness is to your liking don't over work it.

Boil quail eggs 3-4 mins peel shell off. put eggs on bamboo skewers roll in batter and then roll in breadcrumbs or pankos flour and deep fry. remove when brown to your liking salt to taste

Dipping Sauce

3 Tablespoons of orange marmalade
1 Tablespoon rice vinegar

Mix together and dip your eggs in the sauce can also use sweet and sour sauce as well


10 Years
Feb 24, 2009
far west Ohio
Now I can't wait until mine start to lay! That sounds excellent! Mine are only 4 weeks old, so I am not getting eggs yet, but hopefully soon!

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