Good Egg Layers?


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Apr 26, 2015
I have one White Frizzle bantam that is about 3-4 weeks old and a Red Frizzle Cochin that is about the same age. I also have a New Hampshire, again same age about. I was just wondering about how each will lay eggs. If you could give me some insight that would be great.

Thank You!
I have nothing but my relatively limited experience to back this up, but Im beginning to think its less about the breed and more about how they live. I have a silkie, 2 SLW, and 1 EE, and they have layed for me every single day since they started laying, with the exception of my silkie who has gone broody twice. 4 eggs a day, no matter the season. From what Ive read its not the norm, so all I can figure is that its because they have a large coop and/or because they freerange a 3/4 acre yard and therefore a really good diet. But maybe its just luck :) I have a polish and mf d'uccle babies now, so itll be interesting to see if they follow the pattern :)
Thanks, that is very helpful. We were told we had a white frizzle cochin bantam.
Young birds, regardless of breed will lay very well. It's more how long their winter break will be.
Many first time keepers are very proud of their birds laying every day and then the second autumn they stop to molt and refurbish their plumbing and they're dismayed that they stopped laying.

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