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    Mar 9, 2007
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    A co-worker and her daughter have made a home made incubator for the science fair. They are in day 7 of their first batch and are concerned about the eggs.
    When they candled the eggs they got a dark area on the fat end of the egg and a clear area on the small end. There was a problem with a fluctation with the temperature but a heat shield was installed and now its much more even.
    So, is this what a "cooked" egg looks like? Dark on the top?? My co-worker wants to open one to see whats going on. Her daughter is telling her to be patient!!
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    Sounds like a chick in that egg. There will be some light at the pointy end that will slowly get smaller as the chick grows. The chick begins growing just below the aircell and expands downward.
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    Really, about 2/3rds of the chubby end of the egg is dark. Our 7 day old chick can't be that big yet or is it the yolk that will make a dark area like that in a brown egg? This is a science fair project and we hate to have a morbid display! Also, can someone please explain what a water wiggler is and where you find one? Thank you
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    water wiggler if the little pink thing with eyeballs in it [​IMG]
    You can find them at walmart or dollar store in the cheap china made toy section. The come in all colors and some have things in eyeballs.
    You use it to put the thermometer probe inside it to simulate the inside of an egg. If you can't find one, my friend uses a 6oz babybottle filler with water and the probe pushed through the nipple. Other people use a ziplock filled with water.
    Hope this helps


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    There are some good pictures of candled eggs in the learning center (see link at the top of the forum page). [​IMG]
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    Mar 9, 2007
    Davison, MI.
    Thanks for the information! Did not realize so much info is in the learning pages-I checked it out over a year ago and have not look at it since! The video was awsome!!
    Katwyz007 used a stronger flashlight to candle her eggs and could see much better. Saw a bullseye [​IMG]. However, she could not see into the green eggs, anybody have any suggestions on how to check them??
    Does anybody know if there is a chart per day showing the progression of a chick from day one till it hatches??
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