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    Hi our names are Mike and Ruth Quinn, at present we live in rural Aberdeenshire,but we are moving to County Fermanagh, near Belleek in April of next year. Hopefully we can have some contact with some of you then We are hoping to have 6 chickens and a 12 x 6 run. havent made up my mind as to whether im going to build a coop or to buy a ready made one,. any suggestions
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    Welcome to BYC! I can't help with the coop, as I have no idea what the prefab options are in Ireland (all I do know my mother is determined to retire there; she has "her village" all picked out and everything, LOL!). I'm a big fan of finding a handyman to build stuff I can't manage to cobble together on my own.
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    Welcome to BYC. be sure to ask alot if questions for there are alot of very "chicken wise" folks on here to help you out.
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    Hi .
    From B&Q buy a plastic shed. they sell it about 300 Euro. "buy a strong one". then buy tree stakes "2 inches wide" , paint them and use them as perches using a drill, screws and round washers to fix them across the shed. they work as perches and enforcement for the shed. plastic lasts much longer, you don't need to paint it. less likely to have red mites problem, much easier to clean and if you decide to give up chicken keeping you can use the plastic shed as a shed.
    And when you get morehens disease you will find it as a blessing because it can hold many more hens than any coop.
    "don't use the plastic base. keep the floor just soil. a bag of compost will be great. you can use the "enriched compost" to grow your favourite plants later.
    You can use the plastic base for something else.
    Around the plastic shed build a run of your choice depending on your budget, garden and predator problems in your area.
    Good luck.

    B&Q are already selling timber bars with round edges for about 4.5 Euro they are good as perches
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