Good food dehydrator?


11 Years
Jun 17, 2009
Central Massachussetts
I am looking for a good food dehydrator, that works good but is not too expensive. I was hoping someone could recommend one to me. I basically want it for jerky and dried fruits. Any recommendations anyone?
this is the one my father uses daily

Since june this thing has run close to 24/7 and he's slowing down since our growing season is about done here in Michigan. He's now turning all the frozen fish fillets we caught over the summer into jerky, as well as turkey and beef
all I can say is my dad got that one, it came with 8 trays, and all kinds of accessories, and being a 1000w heating element, you can use up to 30 trays on it without having to rotate the trays. He filled the shelves in the back room with everything he canned and dried this year. 150ish is a little pricey, but for what he did, it was well worth it..........

PS, with all the apples, peaches and pears that were left on tree, we trimmed the wormy buggy areas off, mushed/processed and then poured on accessory screens to make fruit roll ups
I've had one which is called an Excaliber, by Parallex, for about six years. It's variable heat, forced air, with 8 trays.... I bought it from Cabela's for somewhere around $100. I can't remember, exactly.
I've made plenty of jerky,with it.

You get what you pay for.

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