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Good for a laugh

Discussion in 'Family Life - Stories, Pictures & Updates' started by Kaeta44, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. Kaeta44

    Kaeta44 Chirping

    My chickens' behaviour makes me laugh most days - so I wrote a book about them called "Mucky Cluckers - Tales from the hen run". There's a link to it in my signature block. It's on Kindle at the moment, but there are free apps so you can read it on your PC or mobile if you want to. You can even get a few free sample chapters to check whether you'll like it or not.

    It's a humorous look at chicken keeping and what they don’t tell you in the “How to” books.

    From the hen who hates laying eggs, to the cockerel who would like to, this is a hen run full of quirky personalities. You’ll meet the village gossip, a foodie, a grumpy old tart and a walking encyclopaedia. Then there’s Mad Irene, whose antics are counterbalanced by a bantam with a fondness for deep thinking.

    There’s the adventurous and the timid, the fights and the friendships. And like all good comedians, the chickens throw in a bit of pathos too. But that is sandwiched between some dreadful table manners and some truly eccentric behaviour – even for chickens!

    (PS I checked with the moderators a while back to see if it was OK to tell you all about the book. I was told it was OK and to put it in one of the Social sections)

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