Good, Healthy Rooster to Protect Hens


8 Years
Jul 9, 2011
North Carolina
Hello, BYCers!

I am in need of a good, healthy rooster to protect my flock of hens. I just moved to an area in which there are hawks, and a neighbor of mine had his flock terrorized by birds of prey, so I am in dire straits.

I am especially interested in a large, dark colored rooster as I hear such size and color intimidates hawks. However, if you have a rooster that is smaller and/or lighter colored but is known to be a reliable protector, I would be interested. Don't contact me, however, if your rooster has suffered disease (even if he has recovered from it) or if he is from a flock that has recently been infected with disease. I won't take such a bird.

I live near Wilkesboro, NC, so if you live in this area and have a healthy rooster that is a good protector, please PM me and we can talk about meeting time and place.

God bless,
I wish you weren't so far away. My kids have hand raised my chickens, and lo and behold, one is a rooster we can't have!! He's awesome. He takes on the neighbor's cats to keep his girls safe and he is only 6 months old. :(
No, South Dakota. :) I visited NC last spring, and if there were jobs and housing that fit my education and income, I would move there in a heartbeat! Your trees are GORGEOUS.

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