Good home(s) for roosters in NH

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    Apr 23, 2012
    Our White Rock went broody over the summer and we obtained some eggs for her to try hatching out. We got 6 chicks and have enjoyed watching mama care for them. It looks as though we have 3 roosters and 3 hens...I am fairly confident that 2 are roosters (in the photos these are the 2 with the bright red combs) as they have started trying to crow and exhibit very aggressive behavior towards each other (3rd picture). The third rooster suspect is the one pictured with the all black comb and fluffy feathers around the face (1st photo). He has not started crowing, but also engages in the "chicken stand offs" with the other 2 roosters. They will be 9 weeks old this week and we cannot keep roosters here so I am hoping to find homes for them. They are not pure breeds...the woman who gave me the eggs said she had a variety of birds, silkies being one. I would also say these may be part Ameracauna because of their coloring. They are quite pretty...their feathers shine green and even bright red in the sunlight. I am hoping for a "good" home and that they won't wind up as dinner, but understand that this may not be possible. First and foremost I want them to be well treated for the remainder of their days. Are there any takers on here, or suggestions about where I might have luck finding them new homes?




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    We have a buy/sell section here, and I've also had good luck with my local craigslist. Mixed breed roosters have to be given away here, though, I can't ever get any money out of them. So, I just butcher them......why give my work and feed away?

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