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Oct 23, 2012
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What is a good incubator that I should think about buying that is around $100 or so total....OR should I buy all the stuff and make my own? Thoughts? I only have 9 hens........
I have an LG which is not considered good and with the fan and turner which I would absolutely recommend the total is like $110 plus tax. I like my LG.

The only 'good' one for around $100 would be the brinsea mini but that is only 7 eggs and over $100.

I think you can get a hovabator for $110 without the turner. It looks alot like an LG but I know there are people who like them better than the LG's.

If you have the capability for $100 I think I'd make my own. Also Craigslist often times has incubators for sale.
I can get a styrofoam one for $42 at TSC....and the turner is $42 there... so... I wasn't sure if those was good or not. I read the temp can be different from what it says... but still.. Not bad.... The ones I have seen on Craigslist are like $300 bc they are HUGE. Don't want a big one lol
Yes that is the LG. No everyone likes it but I find if you follow the rules for LG's mine so far has worked fine. There is a thread here. Like it is winter and I"m hatching. I normally would set my thermostat for my house low like 65 degrees. But the LG has to be from 69-72 degrees and stable. So I have my house thermostat set to 70 degrees which makes hubby happy and gives me stable hatching temps.
We have the LG from TSC. Our first hatch wasn't as good as I would of liked so added a small fan. We did 2 or 3 staggered hatches from our mixed flock's eggs and hatched 70%-80%. I had also read negative reviews about LGs and had no issues with ours and believed for the price we were doing great. Next we did a staggered hatch of locally bought eggs and shipped quail eggs. About 2/3rds of the way through I woke up one morning to a temp of 105 or 106. I got the temp done by opening it and it held fine. We hatched the chicks and had a great hatch. The day the quail went into lookdown we had another 105 temp spike. Got it down and held fine. Hatch day came and temp went all over the place. We hatched 50%. It was 48 hours from first to last quail and the second day was a nightmare for temps at one point the thermostat would not shut off. I had it turned it all the way down and it still was on. temps got to 105 again with it on lowest setting. After we cleared the bator I ran it for two days without adjusting it at all. for the most part it held steady 100 but several times it went to 102 - 105 and a few times down to 94. I really enjoyed hatching with ours but every egg we put into it means quite a bit to us so I will not risk using it anymore. No telling how many times the temp spiked that I never knew about. I am now in the process of building one and it seems to be going well so far. I will have it up and running in time for the NYD hatch a long. Now I need someone to sell me some eggs.Having less luck with that.
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Years ago I had a Hovabator with the wafer thermostat. I hatched chicks, quail,and ducks for four or five years with it. I would try one of them again.
Years ago I had a Hovabator with the wafer thermostat. I hatched chicks, quail,and ducks for four or five years with it. I would try one of them again.

I hope that I can find one locally and not have to buy online... I dont think Ill get the LG one.. Too many bad reviews

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