Good little hen losing all her feathers. Now gone

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    I had to put down my "good little hen" that was losing all her feathers. This past week we had temps as low as 12 degrees F. Though nearly bald the little gal tried to keep up the usual hen schedule. Apparently ,besides her other problems winter took its tole on her. Tonight when I checked on the chicken's status when they had all come in for the night, I heard a noise from the hen house and found that the little hen was having trouble breathing. That was enough for me. I have heard pneumonia before and this little gal had it. She was dispatched, out of site from the other chickens, but our Roo "Sarge" seemed to know what was going on and crowed numerous times after the deed was done. Bummer, but that is life on the farm and that little hen had the best of life up to the last. She will be missed.
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    The molt is so, so hard on some of them. Poor little girl.
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    Awwww, I'm so sorry this happened to your little hen. [​IMG] Thank goodness she had such a caring owner!

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