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Good Mannered Rooster Wanted Brandon Florida Section 74 Relisting as suggested with

Discussion in 'Where am I? Where are you!' started by gap1956, Mar 3, 2012.

  1. gap1956

    gap1956 In the Brooder

    Feb 27, 2012
    Good Manered Rooster for 5 Lucky Ladies :) All Different!!! RiR, Blonde Buff Orp., Blk. Austrol., Wt. Americana & last but not least Red/Blonde Sexlink All wonderful & in there Teens (Hatched late Sept. early Oct..) Hand picked for me at the Hillsborough County Fair! Now residing in Brandon Florida!

    It was suggested that I lookk for a Plymouth Rock or a Americana mix...altough "good" temperment & manners can vary from the enviroment & handleing also. So I think I'm looking for a Good Nautred Rooster about their age or close to it! Those are the best qualification. Was at the State Fair but I was warned by the same kind lady that picked my chicks out for me that these Roosters are for show not temperment!

    She suggested listing with you :)

    Hope to find a Rooster before they go into their walk in coop...right now they think they live in a Condo & run on my screened in porch LOL. I could take 1 or 2 hens about the same age used to being together or with the Rooster...from what I understand adding a couple of hens @ same age with the Rooster right about Now would be OK. I've added in the past 1 hen what a disaster...went & got another hen added at night & spend the day watching no problems but after everything is established Chickens & Rooster & Home I'd rather not disturb the group again..they're my pets the eggs are fun & the chicks will be a Great Suprise for my Grandchildren...& not knowing what they're going to look like will be a Mystery!

    So far I've named them after the Play I just finished "The Penultimate Problem of Sherlock Holmes" Sherlock, Adler, Prof.Morierty, Listrade & Watson LOL... there's room for M. Dupin, Ms. Piper & Ms. Hudson! If they already are named & know their names Of Course I'll Keep it the same ;)

    I've had chickens ever since I lived in Ocala as a teenager...I'm 56 now & as they say you can take the Girl out of the country but you can't take the country out of the Girl. Never met a Pet Chicken without a personality & never had one with the same personality!

    Oh by the way the coop is a nice size walk in with perches to roost, laying box with a sun roof located under a shade tree & protected on 3 sides...early morning sun with some early afternoon sun. I've had this Coop since I aquired the property & it is maintained well against preditors...althought I now things can happen ): they say.... (the chickens & coop are Grandfathered in but inorder to avoid problems I have a 6ft. privacy fence.

    There's also a "Herd" of wild/tame Peacocks in my neighborhood (@ 40-42 total) that run I & many of my neighbors feed them...some hate them but they make their rounds & make enough noise to keep the neighbors busy...That's why I refer to my self as GAP56-Flying Low...LOL

    MIFOTN... I'm sure but I had fun sharing & I hope you enjoyed reading this..thru my many years I've accumutaled many animal sories & rescues...my friends love the stories..LOL

    PS I'm thinking about renaming my coop... it used to be "The Misfits" LOL... Now I'm leaning towards 221 Baker St. :) Sherlock you know & his "Unsolved Mysteries" :) Need the complete cast then...Ms Piper, Ms. Hudson & Mousiour Dupin ( Dupin is a French Dectective & quite a show man! )

    Still Looking & Hoping...1 Rooster will do nicely...2 "teenage" Hens would be a Bonus!


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