Good meat birds for PA

Discussion in 'Meat Birds ETC' started by CountryGurl14, Nov 17, 2014.

  1. CountryGurl14

    CountryGurl14 Hatching

    Nov 17, 2014
    I live in PA and was wondering what would be some breeds that were good for my area?
  2. cityfarmer12

    cityfarmer12 Songster

    Oct 18, 2014
    Well meat birds should be good in most places. Cornish cross are really fast growing, but less heat tolerant. I raised so in the middle of summer in Alabama and they did OK, but i free ranged them and grew them slower.

    Other meat birds are red broilers, dark cornish, and black broilers. They are pretty popular as other meat birds. The differance between the dark cornish is they grow a little slower and will lay eggs and reproduce naturally, unlike the cornish cross.

    Basically any meat bird should do fine in PA...the same breeds are raised all over. Good luck with raising meat birds :) They taste SO much better than store bought.

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