Good morning Coop. I am new to chickens (kinda) and new to the list.


7 Years
May 23, 2012
Southern Maryland
I have had a few chickens a few times but nothing like i have managed to get my self into this time
. I have 80 pullets Barred rocks, RIR, Easter eggers, Red star and a few more pure bred breeds. 1/2 are 11 weeks and the other 1/2 are two weeks. my question is how old are they before i can put permanent leg bands on them so i can keep track of age and breed with out having to worry that they will grow out of them. thanks for your help
Hello and welcome to BYC! Can't help you with the leg bands, but I'm sure someone will soon. Enjoy the site!
Hello from Florida. I have read of people using color coded zip ties for banding. They have to be closely monitored though, so as to not get too tight.Search it up top. You can find about everything on here. Good luck!

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