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Hello Everyone...My name is Amy and I am new to Chickens...We just got them in June...And I love them...Never thought I would get so attached to them. I am a little upset now though, we got 4 chickens in June, one for each daughter and then one for my husband and I to share. Well, they are all roosters except for mine and my hubbies...they are 4 and a half months old now, none are aggressive of the roosters is downright sweet, so we will keep that one...I am so sad for my youngest who is so sad that we told her we have to get rid of hers, that one I cas see in the future may be a problem...

So right now we have a Rhode Island red (roo, who may end up a prob) looking for a home, a Sumantra (roo, looking for a home), Light brahma (roo we are keeping) and a buff orphington who is sooooooo sweet I love her!!

We also just got 3 NIgerian dwarfs ( friends laugh at me and call me farmer Amy...we really are not in a "farming" kind of are becoming an "in" thing to own, but the goats I think blew them away..hahahaha. Goats are fun to watch...I run a home daycare too, and the kids like to help with the animals. We also have 2 dogs, 2 cats, 2 fish,2 dwarf hampsters, and a hairless hamster...oh and can't forget 3 girls (10,13,17) and a hubby who is great at putting up with me and building all I need for my pets

I am excited to talk to you all! I love message boards and making new friends!! And I will have lots of questions for everyone...Thanks in advance!!

Well you know what that means? Chicken Math since you have too many roos you HAVE to get more pullets. 1 roo (at least in my chicken math) means 4 pullets.
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Amy, I am Nik and I am from Scotland. I have 4 kids (14, 12, 11 and nearly 8) 2 of each!!
I have lots of animals too along with the hens and I can't believe how much i have fallen in love with them!
I am sorry to hear that you have mostly roo's, but I suppose it means you have to chose some more chickens, lol

You are going to love this forum and I look forward to hearing more about your chickens, goats and children!!
WAIT, WHAT? (my kids favorite saying) lol... we are planning on getting more chicks in the spring...but only 2 or 3 more is that ok...our coop has only 4

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