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Apr 18, 2014
Good Morning! I am new but now completely new to raising chickens...but am always looking for new ideas and info :) I have 5 laying hens (1 Red Sex Link and 4 Heritage Rhode Island Reds) and a Rhode Island Red Roo. :) I will be acquiring 2 Pekin ducks most likely on Wednesday. I don't know much about them though. so any help would be greatly appreciated. :) looking forward to getting to know everyone :)


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Mar 21, 2011
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Welcome to BYC!

This is the place to be when you own poultry! I don't know anything about ducks other than how cute they are and I love the quacking!! If you need any tips on raising your new ducks, stop by our Duck Forums and post some questions for the Duck experts to help you....

Enjoy your new ducks and your chicken flock and welcome to BYC!

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