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Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by holahead, Mar 9, 2009.

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    Jan 18, 2009
    How is everyone doing tonight? Ok the good news is I got four more chicks. The local feed store got there first order of chicks in this past Friday. They were selling out quick. By the time I got there at 12 o'clock they only had about 50 left. I wanted Rhode Island Reds but they where all gone so I picked out 4 Dominique pullets. More good news I am going to get 10 Ameraucanas Saturday morning. Now for questions. My other 10 chicks I have had for 4 weeks today. I think they where at least a week old maybe two when I got them. I have them in my dads shop. I have been keeping the heating light on them 24/7. The light is 250 watt. It is starting to warm up here in the deep south. Last few days have been 70 degrees plus. I am wondering if it would be ok to turn the light off in the day and just leave it on at night? My other question is I have been feeding a store brand chick starter since I got my first 10. I went to go get some more today because I will be out tomorrow and all they had was a another brand called something that started with a M can't remember the name. Its only a 5 pound bag and the other I have been using will be back in stock Friday. Is it gonna be fine to feed them the other brand for a few days and then swap back to what I have been using? Thanks
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    The feed swap should be fine. As far as the heat goes, they need 90 degrees for a while, so I would leave the lamp on them. A good way to tell is if they start hollering non-stop at the top of their lungs - then they are probably too hot.

    You can TRY turning the lamp off, but if they pile up they are too cold.

    Post pics please. I for one, NEED to see those fluffy butts.
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    Quote:At four plus weeks old, they should be fine turning the light off during the day. Just watch them for huddling, like they're cold. Turn in back on when it gets dusk and/or starts to get colder. That's a good way to start acclimating them to being without their heat. Invest in a red heat bulb for night if you can that way they can start to make the adjustment to cycles of day and night.

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