Good news...bad news....first egg!!

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  1. We found the first egg from some new hens last night!! Problem had been cracked and eaten.

    In the pen are 2 silkie roosters, 1 silkie hen and 1 white langshan hen...all sweethearts and get along famously.
    The egg was from the langshan hen as it was light brown.

    We've been checking the pens 3-4 times/day and she had to have laid this egg between 4:30 pm and 9:00 pm last night...that's when we found it.

    So who's the culprit and how do I prevent it?
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    Jan 31, 2008
    You could try offering them some oyster shells I always have some in a dish in their pen. You can get them at your local feed store or TSC.
  3. We got these hens a week ago from a friend. Don't know if he had oyster shell in with them but we have it in all of the pens. Since we only have had them a week, it could be that they are deficient in something. We give them treats of all kinds everyday in addition to the laying crumbles, so hopefully they will balance out soon.

    Good thought...thanks...
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    We've had our hens since they were chicks, always had appropriate food and oyster shell available, and still have egg eaters! It is awful not only for the waste but it makes a mess in the nest boxes and truly is just gross. Collecting the eggs frequently is the best defense, and breaking the habit by collecting early and often will eventually get rid of most of the eating.
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    It may have been accidentally broken, and then eaten? If you have more of them broken and eaten, you better try the golf ball, or fake egg trick. apparently after they try unsuccessfully to eat the golf ball, they will often leave future eggs alone.

    Did you ask the friend who gave them to you if he had any egg eaters in the bunch you got? Sometimes they are the first to be given away.[​IMG]
  6. Quote:[​IMG] I thought about that. I'll give him a call and find out!! I will also try the golf ball and see if that helps. Thanks so much...

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