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    We received an offer on one of our two properties, the one we live on. MIL, who co-owns both our properties with my DH, turned it down flat. But the property market here is DEAD and everyone said if someone offers you money for a property you should take it. So I suggested we do that.
    24 hours and three long chats with MIL later she finally caved in![​IMG]
    So now we're moving her to another town and we're moving into her flat and taking over her guest house. I'm looking forward to running the guest house! And getting her out of my hair and and...
    It hasn't quite sunk yet!
    We're waiting for the buyer to come back to us so we can accept his offer and get the sale going. He's on his way, at this very moment, to the US. Can you believe it?
    So in about 3-4 months it's new beginnings for us. And a giant step closer to our goal.
    Those of you who remember my previous thread about "the situation" will know how totally awesome this is for us. Thank you all for the good vibes and good lucks etc. So glad you are there to share the good news with this time!
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    To quote myself from the other thread: [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] Yaaay!!!

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