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    A bit of a back story here:
    Kelvin is a rescue we took last year, he's been having a blood test nearly every month since February to check his kidneys. Officially diagnosed with Chronic Renal failure (CRF) in June, changed his diet from what the vet wanted him on to something he would eat that was recommend by a CRF support group and by August his kidneys were improving enough for the vet to suggest 2 months between tests.

    Well, today was Kelvin's 2 month blood work check, this afternoon actually. He was puky yesterday and refusing to eat last night so I called the vet this morning and asked if they still wanted him in since I was afraid he'd have BUN numbers that would be artificially low. Was told to bring him in immediately to be on the safe side because the vet thought he could be having an attack. He officially fasted the usual amount of time we normally do before these tests since we decided to pull blood early.

    This time we ran a full CBC, to be on the safe side. Vet comes in after the test prints out and looks at Kelvin, then at me, then back at Kelvin. "Well, I'm a bit shocked myself but everything is normal. I mean every thing we look at is normal, there are no elevations anywhere. Whatever you are doing keep it up."

    Kelvin doesn't have to have another blood test for 4 months unless I see a change that is indicative of the CRF getting worse. We are officially in the management stage of this battle!!!

    He's also acting like a basset/dog again. He's playing with the others a bit. Running around and being a normal senior dog. He just stops the second I'm out there so getting a video for proof is hard. Never let it be said that an old skinny dog dumped at a shelter with tick fever and renal failure can't or shouldn't be saved because Kelvin has proved that quite wrong! All it took was groceries, a few blood tests and working through a new food recipe to get the right level of protein.
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    That's great. Good job. [​IMG]


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