Good news on cold eggs


Apr 28, 2020
I wanted to post this to give some people a bit of hope if your broody let’s her eggs go cold.
I have a Silkie cross Orpington called Haha, who is usually a great mama but this time I let her sit next to another broody— a Brahma, as all was peaceful and they had a nice big area to share away from the others. Anyway at about day 10 she let her eggs go cold by finding a way out and sitting on some infertile eggs laid by the flock 🤷‍♀️ I had no idea how long she had been off but the eggs were stone cold. I candled them and they had something in but couldn’t see movement. I plonked her back in and crossed my fingers. Candled them again at day 17 and they had continued to develop!! Then on hatch day for the Brahma which was two days before the Silkie cross was due she kicked the Brahma off her chicks to pinch them and again let her eggs go cold 🙄😬😭
This time I felt sure they would be dead but I quickly put them in my incubator which was already on and put Haha on some dummy eggs while I had a think about what to do. I separated the lovely Brahma so she could enjoy her brood in peace- all going well there.
Two days later and hatch day for the Silkie eggs still in the incubator, I could hear cheeping from two of the eggs, so I made the decision to put them back under Haha as she is a great mama to her chicks, ferociously protecting them for three months usually!
Skip to today, hatch day plus one and we have all six hatched 😍😍😍.
I was convinced she had let them die by leaving them to go cold twice but couldn’t not give them a chance just in case, so I wanted others to know this can work out ! ❤️🐥❤️🐥🐥

lesson learned for me is always brood Haha on her own 🙄😁

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