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    Jun 29, 2008
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    I want to add my experience on having chicks shipped to me. We live in Michigan home of cold weather and lots of snow. We wanted a bunch of pullets for the summer shows and swaps. We ordered from xtreme game birds in Texas because of their good Ameraucanas. We also got other large breed brown egg layers 124 in all. They arrived this morning all very healthy and active no losses at all. No delays they came 2 days after they were shipped like they promised. Communication was excellent via the internet. These chicks could not have hardly been shipped any farther than they traveled. Good healthy chicks to begin with can be shipped anywhere.
    It isn't the hatchery to blame when things go wrong. The post office can be a problem but you have to call your post office and let them know you want them to call first thing like at 5 or 6 give them all the phone numbers you have.
    This is the third time I have ordered Chicks and never lost one.

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    Nice to know!

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