Good news....paralyzed silkie youngster made it!!

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  1. About 10 days ago two of our 3 month old silkies developed diarrhea and paralysis of their legs. One of them was just weak in her legs...the other was full blown unable to walk or even maintain herself upright. I finally made a sling for her so she could at least stay upright and eat and drink. I didn't really hold out much hopebut by today she is able to walk around the room...a little jerky in the legs...and can now keep herself upright. Looks like she is going to make it. The other one is totally fine now.

    I think they contracted botulism. We gave them sulmet for five days then stopped it. Also started the one on polyvisol daily along with as much yogurt as she wanted. Just wanted to post a positive outcome [​IMG]
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