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Feb 18, 2008
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hey all: Just wanted to post a few stories I've collected that will help turn the tide on global warming. Global warming is simple math and chemistry. Too many people on the planet, burning anything we can find for energy, heat, transport, and construction. Then we kill all the wild animals, and replace them with domestic ones that belch methane. This is on top of cutting down every tree we can find for our use, and sometimes replace them with tree farms.

Changing World Technologies has a plant in Missouri that takes all the waste from a Butterball slaughterhouse (bones, feathers, guts, etc.) and makes biodiesel. and they're working on adapting their system to car tires and human sewage.

Iogen: one of many companies that takes agricultural waste and makes ethanol (grow the grain, eat the grain, put the stalks into digester, make ethanol and electricity)

In a Nordic country (Sweden, Finland, Norway) you can buy a house with no heating system. Cold? turn on the TV. The house is heated by normal human activity.

How to remove CO2 (carbon dioxide) from a smokestack: it can be turned into sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) by a bacteria process. Seen it on a TV science show but haven't seen it anywhere since.

The future : algae Burn coal, take the fumes from a smokestack and feed to algae in a pool. The algae can be harvested for oil and sugar. Sugar= ethanol (or whiskey, same thing)

Want free fuel for your diesel car or tractor? will sell you a kit for $1200 to burn any vegeteble oil in that vehicle. A typical KFC puts out 10 gallons per day of used oil. (Rudolph Diesel developed the diesel engine to run on peanut oil so farmers could grow their own fuel. Rudy conveniently "disappeared" from a ferry crossing the English Channel.

please add more.


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Man cannot change the globes tempature. Only God can do that. Its awful high falutin thinkin that we could do what only God can do. Notice that the news has not mentioned that the planet has actually cooled down the last two years, why, that would be anti-Gore. Good grief.

Having said that and risking the wrath of the moderators and others, I do agree with recycling, getting greener, getting off of oil, etc etc etc. All of those things are eggcellant ideas and are worth doing.

Ok, let me have it


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I agree too! For an excellent article on the earth's climate, and how we have now entered into a cycle of global cooling, pick up this years addiction of the famer's almanac, or I'm sure you could find it on


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Feb 18, 2008
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ok... God gave us creation and instructed us to look after it. We poison and burn his creation every day. think in your lifetime.. how plentiful are wild bobwhite quail? how hard is it to find an unspoiled place to fish? Why do you (americans) borrow money from China, to buy oil from the Middle East, to drive your oversized trucks? The borrower is a slave to the lender, so why do make slaves of yourselves to people who don't beleive as Christians do? What would Jesus drive if HE were here?

the Green Bible, there are 1000 entries referring to forests, creation, wilderness etc. You think HE mentioned it that often for nothing?


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Nov 12, 2008
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As a fellow Texan, I'm a bit embarassed by your lack of understanding and short-sightedness, mjdtexan and bantamlover.

The term really isn't "global warming" as much as it is "global change." Which means that a small fluctuation in temps causes extreme weather changes... either cold or hot. Perhaps you haven't noticed that Texas is in an extreme drought during what is usually the rainy season. Just like last year. But the year before that we had the wettest summer on record. Oh, and HUGE hurricanes. I'm 53, and it's only been in recent years that I've seen hurricanes cover the entire Gulf of Mexico.

Did you know that the Earth was only 2 DEGREES cooler than average during the ice age??? What do you think raising the temps by a degree or two will do for us?

I say better to err on the side of caution and do whatever we can to reduce pollution.

Kathy in Texas
NOT a Republican


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Feb 15, 2009
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I agree with the fact that I dont think Global Warming is happening, but I also think we are polluting the world. I agree we can have huge effects on wildlife, think the bison and carrier pigeons...

And Obviosly fossel fuels are bad, they emit poisons. Not just poisons to the world, poisons to US!

But on the other hand, I think global warming, like evolution, is just a THEORY, that, like evolution, is being taught as truth.

My opinion, whatever its worth...

Now lets not get this locked too.... be nice!!!!


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Jan 11, 2009
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It's naive to say that as humans we have no impact on the climate of the planet. We've killed entire species, destroyed forests, there is a giant island of discarded plastic floating in the pacific. And though the lingo has changed, it's still global warming.

Things seem cooler cause the polar icecaps and glaciers are melting in the heat, but the water then cools down the oceans which affects the trade winds and tides.

Having grown up in Detroit Michigan it never occurred to me the extent of pollution we create until I left that town 15 years ago. Driving over the River Rouge plant on the I-75 overpass nearly all you can see is smokestacks spewing smoke of every color of the rainbow 24/4/365.

Then throw Chernobial (sp?), Burning of oil pumps at the end of Persian Gulf One, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, oil spills etc etc.

God might have made the world, but he gave it to us to take care of, and boy have we screwed it up.

And I don't understand the whole Gods will stuff. It's a cop out. A way for people to not take responsibility for their actions. At best it's a cover ignorance, at worst it's to cover up apathy.

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