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Apr 26, 2009
Cape Cod, Massachusetts
Yet another great story about chickens!

Montana Woman Uses Chickens to Comfort Senior, Sick
Friday , June 19, 2009

POLSON, Mont. —

Therapy dogs can be a comfort for seniors and those recovering from illnesses and injuries.

So how about therapy chickens?

Jana Clairmont of Polson, Mont., calls her therapy birds — a white rooster and Cornish game hen — "Fowl Play."

On Thursday, she took them to visit residents at Polson Health and Rehabilitation Center in northeast Montana.

Many seniors were raised on farms, Clairmont says, and holding a chicken can bring back memories.

As one man stroked the rooster, Alex, the bird stretched out his neck and rested it across the man's forearm, like a puppy.

Clairmont has arranged visits to retirement and assisted living homes, and says she'd like to take Alex and Carlita, the hen, into classrooms this fall.



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Apr 30, 2007
Deer Park Washington
About 5 years ago or so my 4-H club went to a nursing home and took a bunch of critters like a steer calf, rabbits, sheep, goats, and chickens. It seemed like most of the folks loved the chickens the most because not everyone could afford to have large critters back in the old days but everyone could afford chickens. It was so cool seeing them so happy to see and hold a chicken.


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12 Years
May 7, 2007
The kids and went to visit an elderly neighbor of my parents in her assisted living place and took a box of chicks for her to enjoy. She is 92 and she loved them. Said she had Brown Leghorns when she was younger. I'm so glad we did that. It made her day...of course so did the fresh tomatoes and homemade bread.

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