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    Apr 23, 2016
    My grandmother is in her 80s and our whole family has noticed that she is beginning to get lonely. She had to leave her sport which helped her be very social and get out more. She left because she is beginning to slow down and forgets small things like what she eats for tea. Ever since she was little she has always had multiple dogs but she doesn't have one anymore. My mother says she loves dogs and I have seen how she acts around our dog. Her yard is also perfect for a dog.

    I would like to get her an older dog who won't be to much to handle. She won't be able to walk it much so I am thinking I should look for a dog who can go off leash (NOT A BEAGLE HAHAHA), small, not aggressive and well known to be obedient.

    If anyone has any ideas on what breeds of dogs generally display these characteristic feel free to comment! All answers will be appreciated. [​IMG]
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    There's plenty of small breeds that would probably work, like pugs, poodle, pekingese, small spaniels. Though I'm a mutt person so I'd be looking for a small dog that was a mix of one or more of those.

    A good option is to check with your local shelters and see if they have a seniors-for-seniors program. They'll match up older dogs with easygoing personalities with senior citizens, usually with a discounted fee or no fee at all. You're saving a dog that's otherwise hard to adopt out (due to age) and getting a pet that's easier to handle as well.
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    I would make sure your grandma wants the responsibility of a dog, and can tend to all it's needs both physically and financially.

    She may be better off with a different type of animal like a parakeet. Dogs are a big responsibility and there must be a reason your grandma doesn't currently have one.
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    I was just thinking the same thing....

    If your Grandmother can't remember what she ate then how will you know if she is remembering to feed the dog, or let it out to relieve itself??

    Maybe a better option would be for you to visit more often and take your dog along for her to play with.
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    Apr 23, 2016
    I am thinking a shelter dog and I never considered those breeds so thanks for the info :D.

    There is a reason she didn't have one. She was always away and didn't have time but now she is starting to spend most of her days in her house I think a dog would keep her company.
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    You still need to check with her, if she wants a dog now. This is not something to do as a surprise.

    I'd check with shelters also. There are lots of dogs who were in a similar situation and their owner passed away and need a new home.

    And not to be morbid, but keep that in mind with your Grandma. If she goes into the hospital or passes away, is someone available to care for the dog?
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    shelters and breeders alike, if they are responsible, will not allow any dog to leave their facility without being picked out by the person who will be the primary caretaker.
    If she is getting forgetful, a dog might not be the best bet unless you are 100% certain that she won't forget the basic daily care. For some people, a dog will help with minor memory problems. For others, the dog can end up not getting the care that it needs and acting out as a result.

    Another factor to conside: who will take the dog if your grandmother is no longer able to care for it?

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