good place for bantam eggs??? (nc)

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  1. ashylove

    ashylove Out Of The Brooder

    Jan 26, 2009
    gboro nc
    does anyone have a good(great) place to buy bantam eggs??? most of the places i am finding are chicks only... i am specifically looking for japanese and cochins and silkies... thanks!
  2. High Roost Ranch

    High Roost Ranch The Chicken Whisperer

    Perhaps Eggbid? That would get you breed specific eggs, although no guarantees on hatching, quality or if you'll even receive them. Check the feedback.
  3. lurky

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    Jun 4, 2007
    Western MA

    here is the BANTAM breed list you can choose from

    Detailed Description
    Includes One Dozen Eggs.

    Breed Choices (please write your breed choice in the Breed Choice box above):

    Feathered Legs:

    Buff Brahmas
    Dark Brahmas
    Light Brahmas
    Barred Cochins
    Birchen Cochins
    Black Cochins
    Blue Cochins
    Buff Cochins
    Black Frizzle Cochins
    Red Frizzle Cochins
    White Frizzle Cochins
    Columbian Cochins
    Golden Laced Cochins
    Mottled Cochins
    Partridge Cochins
    Red Cochins
    Self Blue Cochins
    Silver Laced Cochins
    Silver Penciled Cochins
    White Cochins
    Blue Mille Fleur d’Uccles
    Brown Red d’Uccles
    Buff Columbian d’Uccles
    Golden Neck d’Uccles
    Mille Fleur d’Uccles
    Porcelain d’Uccles
    Self Blue d’Uccles
    White d’Uccles
    Black Silkies
    Blue Silkies
    Buff Silkies
    Gray Silkies
    Partridge Silkies
    Red Silkies
    Self Blue Silkies
    White Silkies

    Clean Legs:

    Ameraucanas (Araucanas)
    Blue Cornish
    Blue Laced Red Cornish
    Dark Cornish
    Spangled Cornish
    White Cornish
    White Laced Red Cornish
    Quail Belgian d’Anvers
    Blue Quail Belgian d’Anvers
    Black Dutch
    Black Tailed Buff Dutch
    Blue Dutch
    Blue Light Brown Dutch
    Blue Red Quill Dutch
    Cream Light Brown Dutch
    Light Brown Dutch
    Mille Fleur Dutch
    Porcelain Dutch
    Red Quill Dutch
    Self Blue Dutch
    Silver Dutch
    Black Japanese
    Black Tailed Buff Japanese
    Black Tailed White Japanese
    Gray Japanese
    Mottled Japanese
    White Japanese
    S. C. White Leghorns
    Birchen Moderns
    Black Moderns
    B B Red Moderns
    Blue Moderns
    Brown Red Moderns
    Lemon Blue Moderns
    Red Pyle Moderns
    Self Blue Moderns
    Silver Blue Moderns
    White Moderns
    Single Comb Nankins
    Barred Old English
    Birchen Old English
    Black Old English
    Black Breasted Red Old English
    Black Tailed Buff Old English
    Black Tailed Red Old English
    Blue Old English
    Blue Brassy Back Old English
    Blue Ginger Old English
    Blue Golden Duckwing Old English
    Blue Mille Fleur Old English
    Blue Quail Old English
    Blue Red Old English
    Blue Silver Wheaton Old English
    Blue Tailed Buff Old English
    Blue Wheaten Old English
    Brassy Back Old English
    Brown Red Old English
    Buff Columbian Old English
    Buff Old English
    Buff Laced Old English
    Buttercup Pattern Old English
    Chocolate Old English
    Columbian Old English
    Cream Buttercup Pattern Old Eng
    Crele Old English
    Cuckoo Old English
    Fawn Golden Duckwing Old English
    Fawn Red Old English
    Fawn Silver Old English
    Ginger Red Old English
    Gold Buttercup Pattern Old English
    Golden Duckwing Old English
    Golden Campine Pattern Old English
    Golden Laced Old English
    Golden Neck Old English
    Lemon Blue Old English
    Mahogany Old English
    Mille Fluer Old English
    Mottled Old English
    Pearl Old English
    Quail Old English
    Red Old English
    Red Pyle Old English
    Red Quill Old English
    Self Blue Old English
    Silver Blue Duckwing Old English
    Silver Blue Old English
    Silver Campine Pattern Old English
    Silver Duckwing Old English
    Silver Ginger Old English
    Silver Laced Old English
    Silver Wheaten Old English
    Spangled Old English
    Splash Old English
    Wheaten Old English
    White Old English
    White Tailed Buff Old English
    White Tailed Red Old English
    Buff Orpingtons
    White Crested Black Polish
    New Hampshires
    Red Crested Red Polish
    Rhode Island Reds
    Barred Rocks
    Black Rosecombs
    Buff Sebrights
    Golden Sebrights
    Silver Sebrights
    White Faced Black Spanish
    Black Sumatra
    Blue Wyandottes
    Blue Laced Red Wyandottes
    Buff Wyandottes
    Buff Columbian Wyandottes
    Columbian Wyandottes
    Golden Laced Wyandotte
    Silver Laced Wyandotte
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  4. ashylove

    ashylove Out Of The Brooder

    Jan 26, 2009
    gboro nc
    Quote:lol... so i guess this is a good place to buy? they definitly have everything i am looking for(or at least will)... thank you!

    anyone else???
  5. bantyman

    bantyman Chillin' With My Peeps

    Jan 25, 2008
    Blue Ridge GA
    Post on here under Hatching eggs for what you want and I am sure you will find what you want
  6. Funky Feathers

    Funky Feathers former Fattie

    Jan 15, 2009
    My Coop
    Ovabid, Eggbid or eBay. Or from breeders on here.
  7. Boggy Bottom Bantams

    Boggy Bottom Bantams Overrun With Chickens

    Mar 9, 2008
    Hahira, GA
    I have 25 different breeds / colors, the only ones you mention That I have are the silkies,
    We also have seramas, polish, houdans, and a large color selection of d 'A nvers along with the silkies, all in bantam

  8. pascopol

    pascopol Chillin' With My Peeps

    Jan 6, 2009
    Tampa Bay
    Quote:Ebay is another one, just put "bantam eggs" in search title.
  9. asher

    asher Chicken Enabler Extraordinaire

    Jan 26, 2007
    Mountains of NC
    There is a bird show in Salisbury this coming weekend. You might be able to find some hatching eggs there.
  10. mulelady

    mulelady Out Of The Brooder

    Feb 20, 2008
    Hi, I have a few Bantam Cochin Eggs. I can collect more. I have been hatching several of these. I have Black and white mottled and Blue mottled cochins. Just let me know if you would like me to save you some. You can email me at [email protected]

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