Good price for DE


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Aug 27, 2008
I know some have mentioned getting food grade DE from their feed store for around $15 for a 50 lb bag.

I was looking at cover crop seed today and saw this one for $27 for a 50lb bag . It's the best price I've seen online.


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Jan 25, 2007
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DE at our feed store was like 15 or so too. So I told people that they had DE. Even though they said it was food grade, someone bought it and it turned out that it had something else added and wasn't the pure white food grade de that I understood it to be. Aparently it was still food grade though. I never got it since I didn't know what I'd do with 50 lbs here.


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Apr 23, 2007
I found a 1.5# tub at our new Mom and Pop plant nursery today. Well actually I saw it there about a month ago but didn't notice if it was food grade or not so went back today to investigate further. It was food grade and even included a little formula sheet in the tub on how much to add to feed for different animals and different sized animals (i.e. horses 1 cup a day, Lg. dogs one Tblsp a day, Sm. dogs one Teasp a day, and how to dust an animal with it, or make an emulsion for spraying etc.)I asked if she was going to continue to carry this or was this a "one time deal" she is going to continue
and was curious as to what I would be using it for... I told her the chickens she was quite interested in the animal usage end of it and offered up her pumpkins she was using for fall decorations to give my chickens after Halloween was over!!!
She has 8 nice med sized Pumpkins They girls are gonna love her!
Anyway the tub was a bit pricey
but a better fit as I too have wondered about what to do with 50+#'s not to mention the outrageous shipping to get it here as I have never found anyone else in our area that carries it or will even consider ordering it for me for less than a full pallet of it. (Refer back to how to use 50 #'s now imagine a full pallet!
) It was $8.99 for the 1.5 # tub :thun . yes, pricey but much more manageable for my small flock of 30, no signs of trouble yet so this is just part of my emergency kit and preventative maintenance supplies. Check your local plant nurseries, you too might be able to walk away with edible seasonal decorations for your birdies!

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