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    Hello, I just got into doing some photography. I'm goin to be taking pictures at the Horse show for the club I am involved in this sat. However I'm clueless on how much I should charge for prints. This is not a fancy show and alot of the people showing are like alot of us struggling to make ends meet these days. I'm curious if anyone thats more advanced in this hobby could give me some ideas on prices. 8x10s, 5x7s, and just 4x6's, and maybe a package thing where its 2 or 3 8x10s or 5x7s. Any help is appreciated.. thanks
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    [​IMG] anyone???
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    May 27, 2008
    At our county fair photos of your kid with there animal is $5 for a 4x6. Never priced the bigger photos.
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    If you wanted to put them in an online gallery where people could go back to and order, try or something similiar.

    Maybe $5 for 4x6, $7 for 5x7 and $20 for 8x10

    If they want a cd of images, maybe $99.

    I'm a photographer and I used to charge that for my prints, just upped my rates. I don't do events like this per se.
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    Thanks for the ideas.. I plan on having a site so they can go back an look at them an pick also. I was way off on price's

    I was thinking $6 for an 8x10, $4 for a 5x7, and $2 maybe for the 4x6. I told ya I was clueless on prices..LOL

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