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    I wanted to get an idea of what everyone pays for feed. The first time I bought chick starter feed it was $5 for a 5# bag. Today I ran out to get more but from a different place. I got a 25# bag for $7.95. It seems like a way better price on top of the fact they are only 5 miles from my house.
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    Jan 26, 2012
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    Prices can vary dramatically depending on where you get your feed. For convenience sake, I have bought feed at a local feed store and paid around $23 for a 50lb bag. When I drive the few extra miles to TSC, I get it for $15.[​IMG]
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    Never buy your feed or pine chips from the shelf. They carry the bulk bags in back storage usually. There is a huge difference from small quantity shelf items to bulk. Like here at our local Agway a small loose bag of shavings is $3, a compressed 3.5 cubic ft bale is 6.50, a staggering difference.

    BTW, our 50# bag price for feed is around $15 here.
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    Well I do know that they had to go to the back to bring it out to me. I should have asked how much the 50# bag was. Too bad I don't have a TSC near me. The pine shaving I just got as well was $8 for 4 cubic feet. That sure did seem alot better then the small $5 bag at Petsmart.

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