Good Rooster Needs Good Home--STL MO area

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    ETA Important Details: Probably a Red Sexlink rooster, local pick up or local-ish delivery, I will drive him to you if you are within an hour or so of St. Louis or want to meet halfway, no shipping.

    Meet Lulu. He was rescued as a tiny chick off of downtown St. Louis streets and the wild bird rehab couldn't keep him. Since I've always wanted chickens I figured it was a sign to get a flock started, so we got a few more chicks to keep him company. Of course, we hoped Lulu was a hen, but we were wrong. Now he is crowing and making himself very obvious to the neighbors in a town where roosters are illegal. I am looking for a good home for him--not the stewpot please. I will deliver him to you within an hour or so of St. Louis, MO and refund your dollar if you are truly wanting to give him a home.

    He is approximately 3 months old, raised with lots of snuggles and cuddles from my kids and I, so I think he is relatively docile as roosters go, yet of course he is macho and in charge of the hens. Lately he's spending too much time indoors in a cage due to his loud crow and the close proximity of neighbors. He's pretty easy to catch, accepts cuddles, will perch on my arm and he can be quite affectionate--but he has also nipped me a few times (who wouldn't get mad about being caged away from the girls, just for the crime of crowing?)

    I think he is a special bird, I hope you will too.


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    He sure is a pretty roo. I hope you find a good home for him.

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