Good Roosters?


11 Years
Jan 8, 2012
Fairbanks, alaska
I am ordering some chicks online and wanted to get a roo. So my question is Which would be the best: An orloff, a turken, a sebright, or a nankin...? I would prefer this roo to be somewhat friendly (i know how hard that is to find in a roo) and wont fight with other roos (i know how hard it is to guarantee that..). Any suggestions would be helpful.
Rooster temperament in many occasions is actually dependent on his strain, not breed, so, - I say go with one less prone to being bred for egg laying (tends to produce aggressive males)

I say go with the Orloff or Turken. Orloffs especially I've not heard bad of from hatchery stock when it comes to temperament, Turkens I occasionally have but many are absolute sweethearts.

I've personally had a couple mean and kinda dumb Sebright roosters from hatchery stock, never met or heard of from Nankins though.
Cool...i was leaning toward the orloff or turken more but i never heard much about the nankins...I had a feeling that sebright roos werent going to be the best choice but they are pretty birds...maybe i will just get some sebright hens...
There is a breeder of nankins on BYC from WI. Name escapes me.

But I think they are bantam... same as seabrights.

I'd go with the Orloff.
Gosh, and I have two Silver Sebright roosters I need to rehome...... <*sigh*>

For what you're looking for, I'd say go for the orloffs. Unless you'd like to make arrangement to provide a home for Alex and George?
i was looking around the site and found some more that seemed like they would make good roos: A faverolle, a kraienkoppe (only because i never heard of them), a sultan or just stick with the orloffs??? TOO many to choose from

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