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As if we don't already have enough worries and bad news - Tigers way down in the Series, Frankenstorm Sandy threatening terrors like we have never seen, outcome of 11/6 at local, state and national levels...

I already posted under health emergencies, but though I should provide an intro here.

I am worried about a lethargic bird and do not know what to do for her!

I am very new to chicken scene - built coop with help from family and friends, adopted 7 six month old birds from neighbor closing down his large scale operation. Wanted my grandsons to have experience of being closer to their food, perhaps show birds next year in 4-H and round out my gardening with soil building chicken poop.

Have had birds for over two weeks and all has progressed nicely until now. Egg production went from 1 per day to 3. Birds are free ranging in my yard and putting themselves to bed. I have a fully enclosed small run and very secure coop, set up a light on timer so they are getting 12 hours.

I am not prepared to watch this girl fade away so early in the game.

Hope to get some ideas - thanks!!
You may want to go ahead and isolate her just in case she has something that may spread to the rest of the flock. Luckily we haven't had any issues with our flock so i can't tell you any definites but I do know a couple of indicators though...mucus, swelling, weezing, excessive sneezing ( i say excessive because they do sneeze from time to time and there is nothing wrong with that).... if they are new to laying make sure they have access to oyster shell, you could try giving them some electrolytes, also make sure their food is balanced for layers. Like I said I don't know a lot about fowl sicknesses these are just some things that are easy to check and correct.
here is a thread about another lethargic hen...maybe something in there can help you......
hope you get it all worked out and your girl gets better. BTW welcome to the flock.....
Thanks! She laid a small egg which has a bit of dent at the pointy end, she still has not left coop but is a bit perkier, will get some oyster shell to see if that helps, no other symptoms evident that you mentioned
Good, glad there is no obvious signs if illness, I know it makes it more distressing not being able to visibly see that something is wrong. The oyster shell will help with the egg production. One of our girls sometimes has a crazy ring in the shell of her egg shape or hilly ends, its kinda like she got to a certain point in producing the shell then took a break before finishing it. I realized that I left out the link to the thread I'd mentioned.... here it is in it they talk about using Tylan and others chime in with some good advice. They symptoms may not be the same but something in there may help some. Good Luck.

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