good trap for chickens?


13 Years
Nov 13, 2008
Salina, OK
I know some people that have birds on the lose they want to part with. and I was woundering if there was a better way then going after them in the trees after dark?

any ideas?
Dark is the easiest time as they are more dormant and easy to just pluck up. But you can also try a portable coral of some sort to drive them into... Multiple people would help best with this...
When I was a kid, I set up a drop net. It was just a loose net, nailed to a lightweight wooden frame, and propped up with a stick like a lean-to, with a string tied to the bottom of the stick.

I fed the chickens in there for a couple of days, until they were waiting for me under the net when I went out to feed them. I fed them one more time at the very back of the lean-to net, then I walked away so the shy ones would crowd in, and I pulled the string.

It worked! I was so surprised! My dad was very proud, and he helped me get the chickens penned up.

I think I remember it so well because that kind of success is so rare!
Just get a light wood box or maybe cardboard box,prop it up with a stick attached by a string,throw something they like under it wait till there all under it and pull the string.
I have a big fishing net i use. Some of my birds when i let them in lower part of yard don't want to go in even right before dark when they see net they run in coop just wait till they jump in the air put net under them as they come down and u have them.
I use a 10' diameter cast net. Once you learn how to throw it, you can catch them from about 25 feet away.
I use it on chickins, guinea, and peafowl.

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